Rubbish! v1.2
20th April 2017

Apple iPhone/iPad

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Google Android

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Prepare to be hooked on the classic game of throwing rubbish about. Throwing rubbish in the office has never been so much fun; but now there’s no tidying up to do afterwards!

The rules are simply grab the piece of rubbish and throw it across the room to try and get it in the bin, just try not to knock  everything over in the process.

  • 40 fiendish levels of rubbish throwing fun with paper balls, apple cores, drinks cans, empty bottles and more*.
  • Complete the game to unlock Crazy mode and play with: the feather weight, the air guitar, a small world and a lead balloon.
  • Complete the game in Crazy mode and unlock Nuts mode to play with: the spring onion, the iced-T, heavy rain and the rubber plant.

* The lite ‘demo’ version contains 15 levels of the normal mode and is available for free.

Use the links on the right to try out the demo or buy the full version for just $0.99




Game Play Video

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